Welcome to myhealingdiary

Hi everyone. I’m Nurul.

This is my personal diary. the record I’m keeping of what I go through daily (well, almost daily) since I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m writing with the hope that my experience will help many people. People who may be caring for someone with cancer, or who may have cancer themselves. People who may have just been recently disgnosed with cancer and have no idea what to do next. Or simply people who just want to know how to prevent themselves from getting cancer.

Before I start, I’d like to say that the choices I make to get well is entirely mine. I do not represent anyone nor any medical organisation. I am not a doctor, not in the medical profession and I leave it to you and your best judgement to verify the knowledge that I share here, if you so wish. I do not also ask for anyone to follow in my footsteps towards healing. We may share similiar views or we may differ, and that’s okay. Life is after all the sum of all our choices. and the choices we make stem from our very own deep-rooted beliefs. and I believe very much in God Almighty.

Everthing changed from August 8th, 2012. Read on and God bless you.

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